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Whitman Publishing Co. was established in 1916 and began producing jigsaw puzzles in 1923. Among the lines produced by Whitman and associated companies have been: Guild, Gold Seal, Blue Ribbon, and Golden.
Casa Editorial Whitman se estableció en 1916 y comenzó producir puzzles en 1923. Entre las líneas producido por Whitman y las compañías asociadas he habido Guild [Gremio], Gold Seal [Sello de Oro], Blue Ribbon [Cinta Azul], y Golden [Dorado].

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Old Gold Seal Logo

Countryside Landscape"Countryside Landscape"

The Three Hunters"The Three Hunters", by Dale Nichols.

Golden Harvest"Golden Harvest"


Farm Yard In Winter
"Farm Yard In Winter"

October Morn"October Morn",
by Robert Wood

Petunias" Petunias "

Golden Gate Bridge" Golden Gate Bridge "

Montmartre" Montmartre "

Dead Calm" Dead Calm "

Moulin Rouge" Moulin Rouge "

Harbor View" Harbor View ", by Otis Cook

Noon Time" Noon Time "

Peaceful Valley" Peaceful Valley "

Fire in the Barnyard
" Fire in the Barnyard ", by Thomas Hart Benton.

The Auction
" The Auction "
, by Pauline Jackson

Blossom Valley" Blossom Valley "

Watermill" Watermill ", by John Rogers

Snow in the Catskills" Snow in the Catskills "


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Whitman GuildTM (Page 2)

Whitman GoldenTM (Page 4)

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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