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According to Anne Williams, Jigsaw Puzzles, An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Milton Bradley produced travel game kits for soldiers during the American Civil War. The company has produced many different lines of puzzles, including Bradley's, Piedmont, Beach, Chevy Chase, Buckingham, Etonian, Sheffield, Strand, and, of course, the familiar MILTON BRADLEYTM or "MB"TM line. The company has been a division of HASBRO, INC.TM since 1987 or 1988.

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Gig or Big Eyes or Tykes

In his book "Just Above The Mantelpiece: mass-market masterpieces", Wayne Hemingway classifies the works of Michel Thomas as part of the "Big-Eye Movement ". They began, according to him, in North Beach (San Francisco) in California at the end of the 50s. In the United States, the principal representatives of this genre were: Dallas Simpson, Igor, Gig, Eve, Mikki, Maio, Lee Eden and Ozz Franca. In Europe: Idylle, Betty Raphael, Cominoff and Genet. Michel Thomas is undoubtedly most prolific and worthiest artist of this kind in France.

I'm not sure if there is a series name. I think there were at least three series, in fact. Two series apparently were issued in 1968, art by "GIG"[?]; another, Lee, was published about 1970, with the series title, "Tykes". All these were (and are) sentimental favorites:

Series 4894, KITTY PUZZLES, 1968, approx. 500 pieces ["MSS" -519 pieces]

AMBROSIA      4894-1
CLEO           4894-2
NEFERTITI      4894-3
TIGER LILY     4894-4
DUMPLING      4894-5
PEACHES       4894-6
PITTERPAT       4894-7
SUGARPUSS       4894-8
unk title    4894-9 [special delivery]
unk title    4894-10 [woodpile]
unk title    4894-11 [?]
unk title    4894-12 [blue jay and cat in tree]

Series 4821, KITTY PUZZLES, 1975, untitled puzzles [courtesy "MSS"]

cat between trees      4821-9

woodpile      4821-8

unknown      4821-11

Series 4895, PUPPY PUZZLES, 1968, approx. 500 pieces

BUCKY          4895-1
GOLDEN BOY     4895-2
POTATO CHIP    4895-3
SNUFFY        4895-4
PEEPER        4905-5
PORK CHOP       4895-6
RAGAMUFFIN     4895-7
SHRIMP        4895-8
unk title     4895-9
unk title     4895-10
unk title     4895-11 [yorkshire terrier on fire escape]
unk title     4895-12 [dachsund tied up by truck]
unk title     4895-? [Pity Puppy? - detour sign]

Series 4182, TYKES, 1970, approx. 500 pieces
A Bargain [no. 4182-3 - "MSS"]
A Love Song
Take One Home [no. 4182-2 - "MSS"]
boy and dog in the rain ["MSS" writes to tell us the title is "No Bites Today" - 29 October 2009]

Series 4485, TYKES, 1973, approx. 400 pieces, no titles [reported by "MSS"]
4485-4 (girl in yellow hat)
4485-4 (girl in green hat)
(girl in white hat)
(boy in blue hat)


, 1968, No. 4894-1.

" CLEO "
, 1968, No. 4894-2.

, 1968, No. 4894-3.

Tiger Lily
, 1968, No. 4894-4.

, 1968, No. 4894-5.

, 1968, No. 4894-6.

" PITTERPAT ", 1968, No. 4894-7.

, 1968, No. 4894-8.

special delivery?
[special delivery], title not known, 1968, No. 4894-9.

, title not known, 1968, No. 4894-10.

picture not available title not known, 1968, No. 4894-11.

blue jay?
[blue jay and cat in tree]
, title not known, 1968, No. 4894-12.


, 1968.

, 1968.

Take One Home
"Take One Home", 1970.


As far as we know, this series was published in the late 1960's. The ones of which we have heard seem to be dated 1968. This was a new kind of puzzle, at least in manufactured puzzles.

Series 5641, CONTOUR PUZZLES, 1968, over 500 pieces

Bavarian Street Scene
Blossoms by the River Side
Landmark of Bygone Days
Lakeside Chalet
Miracle of the Mountainside
Paris in the Spring

" Bavarian Street Scene "

Miracle of the Mountainside
" Miracle of the Mountainside "
, 1968.

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This is an independent website, providing a service to the "puzzling" community. We are not affiliated with any puzzle manufacturer.

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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