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the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles

.. .. .. .. .. This could have been a thesis, it's so thorough. Wonderful full-color pictures, bios of the artists, puzzle values, bibliography, history, technology...this book couldn't be better.. .. .. Sandra Weinhardt

.. .. .. .. .. make room on coffee tables for this lovely presentation of vintage jigsaw puzzles as art .. .. .. Jane Erskine, REFERENCE AND RESEARCH BOOK NEWS

.. .. .. .. .. artists .. .. past and present worthy of any gallery .. .. a most unusual and intriguing volume, impressive by the range and quality of the art .. .. ..Ralph Hollenbeck, KING FEATURES

.. .. .. .. .. this beautifully printed book (is) a fascinating treasure.. .. what a great Christmas present for that shut-in who has everything! .. .. .. Beatrice Levin, INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER


was selected as Book of the Month for June 1999 by Antiques & Collecting

Magazine and was awarded four stars on Today's Books Five Star Index

Master Pieces can be ordered on the INTERNET at amazon.com and other on-line book sellers or at your favorite book store: ISBN 1-888054-24-7 or on eBay.

Master Pieces is printed in full color throughout and contains 550 pictures of assembled jigsaw puzzles from the Golden Age of Puzzle Art 1932-1960. Displayed are 450 years of famous paintings by 350 different artists, from Leonardo daVinci in the 16th Century to recent Americans like Norman Rockwell. There are biographies of each painter.

The pictures are arranged into galleries, just like an art museum. As you go from "room" to "room", you'll find "story columns" that describe in simple words the art terms used in the book, or give expanded biographies and anecdotes about a number of the artists.

A brief history of puzzles is included, finishing with a description of the Great Jigsaw Puzzle Panic of 1932 - 1933, a fascinating, if little-known, event in American History.

Master Pieces includes a price guide for cardboard puzzles from 1932 to 1960.

An art book as well as a puzzle book,
Master Pieces will be an excellent addition to your personal library.
Look for it today.

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