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  [ 1967 to 2002 ]

Page 2 (the Later Hallmark era)

Hallmark purchased the company, "Springbok Editions", in 1967. At that time, Springbok was primarily a jigsaw puzzle company with a small line of craft kits. Hallmark used its knowlege of artwork and lithography reproduction to improve the offering and expand its position in the market place. [Courtesy of Frances Main.]
Recently, production and distribution has been taken over by ALLIED PRODUCTS INC.TM

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St. Basil's Cathedral "St. Basil's Cathedral",
PZL4111, 1980
[I asked which of two puzzles with the same title this one was. "Rhutrow" has informed us that it is not PZL6153, 1991/2, which is a night scene.]

Crystal Creation"Crystal Creation",
PZL2091, 1980

Planet Earth "Planet Earth"
PZL6516, 1980.

I Luv NY"I Luv NY",
PZL5923, 1981.

To Bean or Not To Bean "To Bean or Not To Bean",
PZL6520, 1981.

Freedom's Trail "Freedom's Trail"
PZL2099, 1981.

The Fawn"The Fawn"(central detail);
PZL6523, 1982.

Space Gypsies"Space Gypsies";
PZL4153, 1983.

I Love Chocolate! "I Love Chocolate!"
PZL5506, 1984.

Way Back When "Way Back When"
PZL5931, 1983.

Song of the Unicorn "Song of the Unicorn"
PZL4143 or PZL4412, 1982 or 1985.
[Anyone know which?]
[Note from "Macboof": this puzzle was issued twice.]

Wish You Were Here "Wish You Were Here"
PZL4168 or PZL4402, 1984 or 1985.
[There were two puzzles of this title. Anyone know which?..."SC6" wrote in to say, "it is PZL4168 , 1984."]

Dance, Dance, Dance"Dance, Dance, Dance";
PZL4174 or PZL4405, 1984-5.
[Both puzzles had this title.]

King Ludwig's Castle "King Ludwig's Castle",
PZL9001, 1985.

Traffic Conditions "Traffic Conditions",
by Norman Rockwell, PZL4427, 1987.

The Dolls' Tea Party "The Dolls' Tea Party"
PZL6129, 1987.

Coast to Coast "Coast to Coast",
"two puzzles in one box",
PZL3616 or PZL3516, 1985 or 1989.
[Anyone know which?]

Oriental Harmony"Oriental Harmony",
PZL9006, 28"x36", 1989.

Aloha, Honolulu!
"Aloha, Honolulu!"
, PZL9811, 1989, over 700 pieces, 13 inches x 40 inches when assembled.

Map of the World "Map of the World"
PZL9021, 1992.

Grandmother's Dolls "Grandmother's Dolls",
PZL4492, 1993.

The Marvel© Age of Comics "The Marvel© Age of Comics",
PZL5000, 18" by 23.5", 1995.

English Cottage"English Cottage",
PZL6187, 1995, 1000 pieces.

Love's Dream "Love's Dream"
PZL2482, 1996.

Sweet Yesterdays "Sweet Yesterdays",
[Does anyone know the date or puzzle number?]
from "CC"--15 December 2000:
In case you're still looking for this info:
Springbok puzzle "Sweet Yesterdays" (500 pieces), 1997 Hallmark Cards Inc, # PZL2487.
Right from the puzzle box to you...

Canyonlands National Park, Utah
" Canyonlands National Park, Utah "


Olympic Poster "Olympic Poster"
PZL2483, 1996.

  [ 1967 to 2002 ]

Page 1 (the Early Hallmark era)


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