Tuco, 1932-1933

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Tuco Work Shops was a division of The Upson Company, a manufacturer of wallboard. They began producing and marketing Tuco jigsaw puzzles in 1932. These puzzles were cut from the Upson wallboard, which was thicker than the cardboard normally used to make other company's puzzles. At least partly for this reason, Tuco puzzles consisted of non-interlocking pieces until some time in the 1950's. They were and are among the most popular of vintage jigsaw puzzles.

Lure of the Sea "Lure of the Sea"The Box and the insert.

Lure of the Sea"Lure of the Sea" The Puzzle

Lure of the Sea "Lure of the Sea"
One of these inserts was placed in each box.

Ann Hathaway's Cottage
"Ann Hathaway's Cottage"
[circa 1933]

Ann Hathaway's Cottage"Ann Hathaway's Cottage"

America's First National BankBox, "America's First National Bank"

America's First National Bank
"America's First National Bank"

George Washington's Ancestral Home
"George Washington's Ancestral Home"

The Landing of Columbus
"The Landing of Columbus"

Blue Boy
"Blue Boy"
Publ. 1933. Approx. size of puzzle: 16x20 (in.)

Blue Mountain Camp
"Blue Mountain Camp"

Far From The City's Strife
"Far From The City's Strife"
(Puzzle) Does anyone know if this is from a photo or from a painting?

Far From The City's Strife
"Far From The City's Strife"

Colonial Days in Virginia
"Colonial Days in Virginia"


Baby Stuart"Baby Stuart"(Puzzle)

Baby Stuart"Baby Stuart"
(Box) [circa 1932-3]

A Peaceful Retreat "A Peaceful Retreat" [circa 1933; box is SM02]

Castle By the Sea"Castle By the Sea"

Mountain Moonlight
"Mountain Moonlight"

A Golden Waterway
"A Golden Waterway"

Autumn Moonlight"Autumn Moonlight"

A Merry Chase
"A Merry Chase" - (detail)

Colorful Venice"Colorful Venice"

Scene in Venice"Scene in Venice"

Venetian Splendor
"Venetian Splendor"

The Lone Wolf"The Lone Wolf", by Alfred von Kowalski-Wierusz.

SEE the TUCO Puzzle Site --- Much information and many images. Non-interlocking Tuco only.

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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